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Paste more than one fragment thanks to multiple keyboard shortcuts



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TwinkiePaste is an application that is sure to make your life easier by giving you the ability to copy and paste any type of text, and perform searches in just seconds.

It works by saving the phrases you use most often, and allows you to edit them by directly accessing the search function, which you may do at any moment.

That way, you can assign a determined phrase to a hotkey combination, and paste more than one phrase at a time. The days of copying and pasting phrases one by one are over now that you can use TwinkiePaste to paste all the text you need.

The application lets you insert formatted and unformatted text, works with a large variety of applications, and also allows the Unicode format. It includes a clipboard history that you can use the edit the list of most-used phrases, changing them to fit your needs.
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